Thursday, December 31, 2020

Metropol CRB Introduces 2 New Products

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The most established  Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) in Kenya, Metropol CRB has launched officially launched two new financial products for its customers.

Metropol CRB
Esther Marugah (Metropol CRB Ag. General Manager) and Sam Omukoko (Metropol Group Corporation Managing Director)

During the launch on Thursday, present were the Metropol Group Corporation Managing Director Sam Omukoko and Metropol CRB Ag. General Manager Esther Marugah.

One of the products is "COVID-19 Loan Restructuring Service "  which enables borrowers restructure loans with various lenders from within the Crystobol app instantly.

The other product is " Metropol Identity Theft Service". With this product, a customer gets realtime notifications whenever someone with ill intentions tries to take a loan facility using the customer's ID.

These are very important and helpful products the CRB has ever introduced recently. COVID-19 loan restructure service is very important especially during this Coronavirus pandemic. Metropol Identity Theft is also important especially during this era of digital lending.

Metropol CRB is also now giving out first time Clearance Certificate free of charge as required by the Kenyan government. A CRB Clearance Certificate normally costs ksh 2200.

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