Friday, September 25, 2020

Kopalink Connects Borrowers to Lenders

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Kopalink Kenya

Kopalink is an online platform that is going to link borrowers of all kinds of loan facilities to lenders providing the financial services.

“The service introduces customers who need credit and other financial services to leading banks, well-established registered financial institutions and micro-credit cooperative societies through a single, simple and convenient platform,” says Edwin Sutter, Kopalink founder.

As a borrower, you'll be able register your details on the Kopalink website, then make the loan application. It can be a personal loan,business loan, mortgage or even a credit card.

The Kopalink system will send your application to various lenders who in return those that feel you qualify will give you the feedback. If you accept the terms associated with the loan facility from the lender, accept and the loan will be disbursed to your account.

For lenders to receive loan applications done on Kopalink, they should register on the platform too.


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