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Kash Poa - Loans, Contacts, Paybill

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Kash poa loan app

Kash Poa loan app is one among the many apps in Kenya that promise loans through M-Pesa to smartphone users.

I have never tried Kash Poa myself because, there's a registration fee of non refundable ksh 100. If you're comfortable with the fee, you can go ahead and try this app.

Getting started with Kash Poa

Go to play store and Download Kash Poa App ,Create your account, pay the registration fee,get a loan limit, apply for the loan and when approved the cash will be sent to your M-Pesa account.

The app gives unsecured loans from ksh 300 to ksh 100.000. If you need a large amount, you can get from ksh 100,000 to ksh 1 million secured loan.


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