Is PesaLink a Lender , Kenyans Want to know.

PesaLink was launched more than a year ago and some Kenyans still don't know what this exactly is.

When PesaLink posted on social media how it has made money transfer simple, some Kenyans started asking for loans. Maybe it was because the message mentioned debts.

Here is the PesaLink message; 
The only time paying debts feels like a Sunday morning. We've made transactions free until 30th June, so you don't have to worry! Sending money via USSD or your bank app has never been this stress free. 

Actually, PesaLink is a money transfer service made by the banks jointly under the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA).

You can transfer money, now free of charge ,from one bank account to another, and its faster than you think. The money transferred can be any amount form ksh 10 up to ksh 999,999

PesaLink link had to respond to the Kenyans who thought they give out loans; 
Here is a reply; 


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