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How many Debt Collector Calls are illegal

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Debt collectors

Debt collectors are known for making calls to individuals or even institutions that have long overdue loans in a bid to recover the money.

But how many calls are considered illegal when made? Debt collectors are known for making countless calls to defaulters and at anytime even during the night. Is this right?

Here is the answer though. There are no exact number of calls that can be classified as illegal or legal. In fact there are no laws currently regulating the Debt collectors in Kenya. They do self regulation.

Now that Debt collectors are self regulated, it is therefore the responsibility of a particular debt collector to behave in a proper manner why handling defaulters.

A good and debt collector shouldn't be making repeated, continuous calls. Such calls sound like harassment and annoys the defaulters. Calling at night is also bad.

When you feel like a debt collector is not friendly to you as a defaulter, read this article here ;

Defaulters can now sue harsh debt collectors


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