How Lost or Missing ID Card Can Land You Into CRB Blacklist

CRB in Kenya
Did you know that your lost or missing National Identity (ID)  Card can land you into the CRB blacklist?

Before lenders can give out loans, borrowers are asked to provide details about themselves. The most important and correct details are on your ID card and its exactly what lenders will ask for.

If you lost your ID or your ID just get missing even for some few hours and it lands into the wrong hands of a bad individual, this can happen.

A bad person can take loans Identifying himself as you by providing your ID number and all the other details and then fail to repay the loan. What you should know is that the lender will proceed and submit negative information to the CRB about you. This is when the CRB will out you into blacklist.

This happens mostly with online loan applications. If someone has access to your ID, he or she can even upload photos of your ID to win the lender's confidence.

It is therefore recommended to keep your ID card secure because its a very important and confidential document.

It is also commendable to regularly check your CRB status to confirm if everything is right.


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