Ecobank Delivers Important Advice at The Right Time

Ecobank Kenya

Ecobank Kenya has today delivered a very important message to customers and the public at large and it is at the right time.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, doing transactions online is inevitable and this is because everyone is urged to stay home to flatten the virus spread curve.

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In this regard, it is therefore likely that online fraudsters may take advantage of your online banking account and cause harm to it.

Ecobank therefore advises using a strong password and urges customers to frequently change their passwords.
Here is the message;

Create a complex password to your online banking platform that is hard to guess and ensure to change it frequently. #Staysafe and ensure NOT to save your login credentials on your laptop, phone or note pad. #KaaChonjo #KomeshaCorona

Ecobank Kenya

Very important! Never save your login passwords even on your laptop, phone or tablet. It is never recommended but if you use a public computer ensure your never save your passwords. Always log out before leaving the computer.

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