Duta Loan App - Download, Apply, Contacts, Paybill

Duta is a short  term loans digital micro lender that provides loans through an android app to smartphone users in Kenya via M-Pesa.

Duta loans

The lender provides two types of credit facilities within the app and they are ;

  • Cash Loans 
  • Shopping loans.
Cash loans are disbursed directly to the borrowers M-Pesa account while Shopping loans are submitted to the suppliers till number and the borrower receives the goods bought. 

Duta gives up to ksh 30,000 to the jost qualified borrower within 3 minutes after making an application. 

Loan repayment is done within the app. Loans can be repaid within 7days and 60 days. 

How to get started with Duta app

You will have to download Duta app from play store, create your account by submitting your personal details and your M-Pesa statements. 

When your account is ready, you'll get a loan limit. From there, you can now apply for loans.

Duta Contacts 

When you have issues with the app, kindly send a message to the following email address; me@duta.co.ke


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