Do you make Income during this pandemic ? Share the secret

Coronavirus has impacted the economy negatively all over the world, with businesses closed and people loosing jobs.

Financial Services Deepening (FSD) Kenya has revealed that 42 per cent of Kenyans are getting lower earnings compared to last year. 47 per cent of the individuals who participated in the survey say they totally don't make any income at all.

FSD Kenya

Most families are currently going through a lot right now. There's hunger and even fear of contracting the Coronavirus disease.

Alot is already being done.The ministry or health in kenya and World Health Organisation (WHO) are trying educating citizens on how to avoid Corona virus.

Commercial banks and many well wishers are now contributing donations atleast to buy food for vulnerable communities.

The help however, doesn't reach to all. If you have an idea or doing business that is still earning you some income during this pandemic, you should share. By doing that, you'll be contributing towards helping other fellow citizens.

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