CRB urges Borrowers to confirm if Removed From Blacklist as directed by CBK

Transunion CRB Kenya

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) issued some new CRB regulations and among the regulations one was to remove defaulters with ksh 1000 or less from the blacklist.

Transunion CRB one of the three licensed CRBs in Kenya is now urging Kenyans to check with the Bureaus if this was effected. It is your right as a borrower to be delisted as directed by the CBK.

"New regulations requires adverse listing for kes 1000 or less to be removed from your credit report. Check yours today and ensure your are in the clear," Transunion Kenya statement. 

In addition to this the CBK also directed that ;
Each first time CRB Clearance Certificate must be issued free of charge. 
Each borrower is entitled to a free Credit Report annually. 


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