CRB shares secret You should know

Credit Reference Bureau

The Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) are licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and therefore work under certain guidelines.

CBK is there to protect the Kenyan borrowers and for this reason, there are some items which are to be provided by the CRB free of charge to borrowers.

Most Kenyans do not know this. In fact they just consider CRB as a bad idea meant to blacklist loan defaulters ,which is not true.

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There are three CRBs in Kenya licensed to collect, store and avail borrowers' information to the right individuals and or business entities especially lenders. The CRBs are Metropol CRB, Creditinfo CRB and Transunion CRB.

CRBs in Kenya

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Metropol, being the most popular CRB in the country has today revealed a big secret that most Kenyans don't know and it is to their advantage.

Through a social media post, Metropol revealed that it is any borrower's right to get a free CRB Report every year.

Here is the message;
Good morning,
Did you know that you are entitled to a Free CRB report annually?

Now you know. The law demands all Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) and this includes Transunion CRB and Creditinfo CRB, to provide free CRB reports once annually when requested by the borrower.

The CRBs also are now according to the new guidelines, directed to issue Clearance  Certificates for free to all first time applicants.

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