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CRB comes to the Rescue of Borrowers with Identity Theft service

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Metropol CRB

It is possible for someone to take a loan using your National Identification Card details, and that's identity theft.

Metropol CRB, one of the three licensed Credit Reference Bureaus in Kenya has come up with a new services that will end Identity theft and rescue borrowers falling prey to it.

Metropol Identity Theft service is a new SMS alert service that will notify the ID card owner that a loan application is being done using his or her personal details.

The service is very simple to use, simply send your ID number to SMS number 22461. By doing this, you'll then start receiving notifications from Metropol CRB regarding;

  • When a loan application is done using your ID
  • When there's a change in your Credit score 
The Identity theft service is a good move as it will keep fraudsters at bay and borrowers will be safe again. 

Mwabaya Katana

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