Borrowers to benefit from sh 600 million given to Platcorp


Platcorp announced Friday receiving ksh 600 million from Swedish Development Finance Institution (Swedfund) to help increase its lending capabilities.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are expected to take advantage of the available funds and help bring their businesses back to normal during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Swedfund CEO Maria Hàkansson said that it is expected tha Platcorp will now have the full capability to increase lending bothe private individuals and SMEs in the East African region.
“In order to support small and medium-sized companies following the Covid-19 outbreak the Swedish Development Finance Institution, Swedfund, now increases the liquidity available to these companies by lending 5 million EUR to Platcorp,” she said.
“It is urgent for us as a Development Finance Institution to strengthen the financial resilience of companies and protect jobs in developing countries.” 
Platcorp is a financial institution that is focusing on making people's life better by supporting SMEs currently in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. 

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