3 Apps offering Loan Repayment Holidays

Times are tough and most borrowers cant afford to make their loan repayment this time as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses are down or totally closed. People lost jobs due to job cuts or totally closure of the workplaces.

Most of the big lenders regulated by Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) have already restructured loans worth billions of money and further have given loan repayment holidays to their customers this trying time.

In this regard we expected the digital lenders to follow the same approach and sure they did. There are some of the loan apps that have so far announced publicly that they are restructuring loans to easy borrowers the burden of loans this Coronavirus pandemic.

If you're a customer to these digital lenders listed below and you're facing problems in making your loan payment due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic negative economic effects, kindly request for a loan repayment holiday.

Here are the loan apps open to help with loan reliefs ;

Loan apps in Kenya

Okolea International 

KashWay and iPesa are giving repayment coupons to their customers this pandemic, to help in reducing the amount of money to be repaid as loans.

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