KCB Says Stay At Home Is Over

We have been staying at home for months now and the economy is still worsening day by day due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

If it continues like this, people will start dying of hunger . For the rich, they'll start getting nutritional illnesses like being obese due to lack of exercise for example a walk. 

KCB ,the largest bank in Kenya through social media advised people to start going out ,enjoy fresh air because its healthy. Here is the message; 

Fresh air muhimu. Unwind from the stresses of this life by getting out and going for a walk with your people once in a while . Na mbebe masks tafadhali. 

KCB Bank

The president Uhuru Kenyatta recently hinted that the curfew and lockdown will soon end. Each Kenyan will then be able to go out back to job or to business.

It however the responsibility of everyone to protect themselves and also protect others when the curfew and lockdown get lifted. Continue keeping social distance, wear masks, wash hands and sanitize regularly. 


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