How To Get a Free CRB Clearance Certificate


The regulator, Central Bank of Kenya (CBK ) gave a directive that all first time CRB Certificates be issued free of charge.

There are three CBK licensed Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) in Kenya namely Metropol CRB, Creditinfo CRB and Transunion CRB.

As a borrower, you're entitled to a free first time CRB clearance certificate from all the above mentioned CRBs.

A Clearance Certificate is supposed to cost you ksh 2200. The law allows you to get free the first one but you'll pay the mentioned amount to get subsequent clearance certificates.

This document is very important. It can be a requirement before you get a job,contest for a political seat or go abroad. It's the document that declares you clean financially.

How To Get First Clearance Certificate
You'll need to register with one of the CRBs. Then choose the service you are looking for, which is a clearance certificate. The CRB will then show you all the steps to take to get the certificate free of charge.

I recommend you contact the CRBs first before you proceed with the procedure to get your first free clearance certificate.


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