How To Easily Get PesaPap Loans

PesaPap app

PesaPap is a mobile Family Bank product that allows people to save, take loans and do more within an app or by dialling USSD code *325#.

If you are in a fix,  you can always trust PesaPap to take you through the financial mess. PesaPap app version is one of the strong loan apps out there with others being Hf Whizz, Timiza and Stawi backed up by regulated commercial banks.

You will not like disappoint when looking for a loan from PesaPap. Here are the ways you can easily get approved for loans from the app or through USSD code.

  • Be active with the available services - this includes saving money and withdrawing cash from the service. 
  • If you have loans in arrears from other lenders, kindly clear them.
  • If your CRB Status is defaulter, improve it first. 
  • If you get your loan, repay timely. 
Check PesaPap and get started now.

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