How I made over KES 200,000 ($2000) from Branch loan app

Branch loan app

I have been getting free loans from digital lenders for a while now and I thought I should share this with you guys.

I made over ksh 200k with over ksh 700k still pending from Branch International alone since I started using the loan app. 

I can't know how much exactly  I made from Tala, Okash ,Haraka loan apps and the rest. And that is because, most apps never keep the earnings records visible to their customers.

All the money  I got from these apps were free loans! Yes, if you're reading this , am sure you are  surprised but that is the truth of the matter.

Why I got free loans from loan apps.

First, when the apps came, it wasn't possible at all to get free loans. But with time, Tala,Branch and Haraka introduced a referral program and this is how I started getting the free loans. 

Many don't know this but am the first person to write about loan apps. In fact am the person who introduced the words 'loan app' before it was picked by many of the digital lenders. Most probably this is why I got all the attention and trust from lenders and consumers respectively.

The Referral Program is something meant to reward the person introducing the other individual to join and use the loan app services.

Each app has, up to now ,its own amount of cash rewards to a referrer, the person who invites others.The amount ranges between ksh 100 to ksh 500 across the loan apps with the program.

How I Earned Over 200k from Branch 

You can watch the video version of how I made KES 200,000 from the video below or proceed to read the article; 

I will use Branch International in this story. The guys keep a good record of how you earn, redeem and what's remaining of your referral money.

Branch is giving ksh 500 for every person you invite,takes their first loan and repay. My efforts earned me over ksh 200,000 . This is the amount I redeemed as free loans. My exact effort though was estimated at over ksh 700,000 as of the time I took this screenshot;

Branch International loan app
My Earnings From Branch International 

How You Can Also Get Free Loans.

I will share some of the ways you can get people to refer to these apps and get free loans.
  • Blogging- You can write about the lenders and ask viewers to use your referral code. 
  • Social Media- You don't have to gossip all the time. Try telling friends about the apps and ask them to use your referral code as usual. 
  • Word of mouth- Whenever talking to friends especially about quick loans ,tell and help them sign up to the best apps .
With these ways you can start earning rewards, redeemable as free loans.



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