How to Report Harsh Debt Collectors

Mshwari and KCBMPESA

If you default on your loans, most lenders will look for help from Debt Collection Agents to recover their money from you.

The Debt Collection Agent  business started becoming popular in Kenya especially when the loan apps invaded the lending market.

The number of defaulters immediately crossed of over a million ,data reported by the Central Bank from the Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB).

With this high number of defaulters, lenders especially the loan apps began looking for debt collection agent services to get their money back from the borrowers.

We already have well known debt collectors like Finley International a company we never knew before till when Tala and the rest started seeking debt collection services from the company.

Debt collectors have a history of being abusive,sending threats and never understand. They can call you more than 10 times in a single hour, send multiple messages and even threaten to take legal actions against you.

Mr Joseph Njuguna ,Head of FirstIdea Consulting , a debt collection company, also East Africa Managing Director for International Centre for Professional Debt Collection (ICPDC) says all debt collectors causing harassment are scammers.

Professional debt collection should be friendly, allowing the borrowers to give any possible way of making the repayment within the terms convenient to the customer.

If you've read the loan facility terms properly, you can even go ahead and sue the agent threatening and harassing you to the police for being too much on you.



  1. Zash loan lenders are too harsh when collecting debts,and they even go as far as giving false information to the contact lists!
    So shameful to this app!
    Arrogance can never pay your debts! People have soany debts to clear but the way you handle your debtors is unprofessional!

    1. These people...hiyo deni siezi lipa..they start harassments Even before due date....sent messages to my contacts....I can't pay....let them report me to CRB

  2. talk about,IPESA.KASHWAY,LEMONCASH,CASHNOW i can name them all,if you can stay away from them they will give you loan with hefty intrests and a short time for repayment higher than all banks n saccos, by the time you realise this you are in a debt hole that is not easy to come out unless you default and they call and harass you guarantors whom you have not even informed that you took a mobile loan in private...claiming the money now becomes public business in line to embarass you.. END GAME stay away from this addiction i have learnt my lesson

  3. Cashbean is still using debt shaming tactics even after they were warned to stop this. They have today sent messages to my other contact list and cheating that i used their names as my close contacts to repay the 1000 sh loan if i fail to pay.


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