2 Reasons Why Stawi App Can't Give You Loans

Stawi loan app

Stawi is an app that gives quick business loans to traders in Kenya through their smartphones.

This lender provides up to ksh 250,000 instantly as loans to entrepreneurs who have downloaded and registered with the app.

Stawi loan app is the Kenyan government's project in collaboration with five major commercial banks namely; NCBA ( Commercial Bank of Africa& NIC Bank), Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) ,Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

But why is it that not all kenyan traders are benefiting from this move by the government to financially back up entrepreneurs?

There can be so many reasons as to why Stawi can deny you a loan but that is when you're already having an active registered profile on the app like a poor credit score, defaulted previous loan and a lower business turnover below ksh 30,000 per month.

Stawi loan app

2 drawbacks you create yourself 

Here are the 2 reasons why you can even proceed to create an account with Stawi app. Remember, this is something you can resolve and start using Stawi like the test of benefiting traders;

Stawi won't allow you to join if you;

  1. Don't have a registered business 
  2. You don't have a business permit 
If you have not yet registered your business, kindly consider that. If the process is tricky and you can afford it, you  an as well approach your county offices and ask for a business permit. It's that simple. Now join Stawi. 


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