Standard Chartered Takes Relief Measures On Loans And Credit Cards

Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya

Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya has announced taking more relief measures on loans and credit cards during this hard economic times caused by contagious Coronavirus.

In addition to the directives by the Central Bank of Kenya and the President of Kenya to eliminate mobile money transaction charges and  stop listing defaulters with the CRBs, the bank has the following more relief measures to the customers;

  • Relationship Managers are always available to talk to commercial and global clients to assist in this hard economic times
  • You can now ask for up to 12 months personal loan or mortgage extension tenure. 
  • You can now choose to pay the interest only for 6 months for your mortgage. 
  • You can now request for a 3 months holiday on your personal loan or mortgage. 
  • You can request to settle your credit card outstanding balance in 6 to 12 months of equal instalments. 
  • If you currently pay the full amount due on your  credit ,you can request to change this to the minimum amount due which is 5% of outstanding balance plus the interest. 


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