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Mokash Loan App ; Download, Paybill, Contacts

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Mokash loan app

Mokash is a mobile money lender that provides fast access to credit via an android mobile app in Kenya.

Mokash Loans

Approved loans are directly disbursed to the borrower's Mpesa wallet. Loan limits vary per customer.

To get started, you'll have to download mokash app from their website, register your account after which you'll get a loan limit.
That loan loan limit is the maximum you can borrow at that time.

Mokash Loan Repayment 

When the loan will be due, payment can be done from just within the app. You can pay in full or instalments.

How To Contact Mokash 

If you need help, use the contact menu within the app. You can also call phone number; 0715 106 124

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