How To Report A Bad Loan App


Fortunately you can submit a complaint about a bad loan app whenever you feel like the lender is not doing what is right for you as a customer.

All member apps agreed to be responsible lenders when they joined Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK). DLAK can therefore take action on any reported member lender.

If you feel like Tala,Branch, Sotiwa, Zenka,Shika, Okolea or any other member lender is treating you bad, you can just report that to DLAK .

How To Submit A Digital Lender Complaint 

  • Go to DLAK website 
  • Select 'Customer Complaint from the menu
  • Fill in a few details 
  • Describe your complaint 
  • Choose the associated lender (loan app)
  • Report
Note that, this only applies to loan apps that chose to be members of the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya. If you feel that a loan app is doing bad things to you and its nor a member of DLAK, you can also report directly within the play store. 

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