How To Pay CRB Via Mpesa


CRBs keep and provide important financial statistics of all borrowers.This information provided to by the various lenders you interact with.

To know your CRB Status, you'll need to register with one but preferably all the three CRBs in Kenya. The CRBs are Metropol CRB, Transunion and Creditinfo CRB.

The CRBs charges some fee to register, check credit history, ask for a clearance certificate or check who listed you. Here are the Paybill numbers and details on how to pay CRBs charges.

How to pay Metropol CRB via Mpesa 

To pay for any service here, use Paybill number 220388 and account number is your ID number.

How to pay TransUnion CRB via Mpesa 

You can use Paybill number 212121 to pay for CRB services from Transunion CRB. Remember to use your ID number as your account number.

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