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Mazel Investments- Loans, Contacts

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Mazel Investments Company Ltd
Mazel Investments is a financial services company targeting mostly SMEs by providing trade finance related solutions. Its is the lender who says 'you can now tender' as they always help with financing tenders.

Mazel Loans

Mazel will provide the following financial solutions in an expert way due to the good number of years of experience with the lending market to  individuals and SMEs;

  • Performance bonds 
  • Bid bonds 
  • Advance Payment guarantees 
  • Cheque Discounting 

Mazel Investments Contacts 

Mazel customer care desk can be reached out through phone number;
0722 808 795
Visit; Six Eighty Hotel , Muindi Mbingu street ,2nd floor, Suire 203 , Nairobi, Kenya.

Mwabaya Katana

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Mwabaya is an experienced and talented finance content creator based in Kenya. He is the Founder of Loans Kenya Blog.

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