4 Banks To Approach For NHIF Payments

NHIF Payments Through Banks

When it's time to make your NHIF contributions, and for any reason you prefer to use a bank to do so, then read this post.

There are various ways to make your NHIF contribution payment. One of the ways is Making NHIF Contributions Payment through Mpesa Paybill number 200222. But for the purpose of this article, I'll show you the banks to approach.

4 Banks That Accept NHIF Contribution Payment 

These banks already have a business partnership with NHIF, therefore the service is straightforward here.
These commercial banks are;

  • Equity Bank of Kenya 
  • National Bank Of  Kenya 
  • Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Co-opbank)
Note; Don't approach bank agents to pay fo NHIF contributions. The deal between NHIF and the banks doesn't include the agents at the moment. 

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