KCB M-Pesa - How to apply for Loans, Paybill ,Contacts


KCB M-PESA is a loan product by the KCB Bank and is being served by Safaricom over the M-Pesa service.

Through KCB M-PESA, one can get up to kes 1million as the maximum loan amount at a go  and instantly.

Who can get KCB M-PESA Loan

The unsecured mobile loan is available to Safaricom mpesa subscribers with a minimum of six months usage of the Mpesa service.

At this point, KCB will give you, the Mpesa user a loan limit after which you can apply for an amount equal or less than the loan limit provided.

It can happen that after the six months of mpesa usage ,your loan limit remains at zero. No need to panic because I'll share how to easily get a KCB M-PESA loan limit rise as you continue reading this post.

Kindly note that it's not a must you be a KCB bank customer to use this service. 

Ways to get a KCB M-PESA Loan Limit Rise .

If your loan limit is low and you want it to rise ,here are the tricks to do;

  • Make all transactions through Mpesa 
  • Save with KCB M-PESA 
  • Frequently top up to and withdraw from your mpesa

How to apply loan from KCB M-PESA 

It's time to take a loan from  KCB M-PESA now. There are two ways to do that;

●Directly from the Mpesa Menu 
● Through mysafaricom app

1. From Mpesa menu 

This is the easiest and most common way to take a loan from KCBMPESA. With a feature phone or a smartphone, here is the process;
  • Open Safaricom Menu
  • Select Mpesa 
  • Select Loans and Savings 
  • Select KCB M-PESA 
  • Select Apply Loan

2. Through Mysafaricom app 

This is only for those with smartphones. Here is the process;
  • Download Mysafaricom app
  • Open the app
  • Select Loans and Savings 
  • Select KCB M-PESA 
  • Select Apply loan
Approved loans will be directly sent to your mpesa account. 

How to pay KCB M-PESA loan

After 30 days ,it will be time to repay the loan. Don't worry, you'll receive notifications about the same.

You can pay via M-PESA or if you have enough savings in your KCB M-PESA account, you can choose that and pay.


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