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How To Easily Increase KCBMPESA Loan Limit

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KCBMPESA loans Kenya

This is a quick mobile loans service by KCB and Safaricom accessed through the Mpesa menu over a feature phone or a smartphone phone.

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KCBMPESA loan limits 

Instantly, you can receive a minimum of kes50 and a maximum of kes 1million from the KCBMPESA service. All loans are repaid within a month (30 days).

After six months of actively using mpesa services, you most probably will receive a loan limit from KCBMPESA. I have already mentioned, it ranges from kes50 to kes 1million. However if you've never been active with using mpesa, you can get a zero (nil) loan limit, meaning you can't use the service at that time.

Tips To Increase KCBMPESA Loan Limit 

If your KCBMPESA loan limit is not kes 1million, that means there is room to improve and that is the reason for this post being here. I'll tell you how you can increase your loan limit from kes500 to kes70000 or from any figure to a higher figure.

  1. Actively take money into your KCBMPESA mpesa account and out of the account 
  2. Save money frequently in your KCBMPESA account 
  3. Use Mpesa frequently.
  4. Remember to repay your KCBMPESA existing loans early. 


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