Equitel Loans- How To Apply for Loans, Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Phone Contacts

Equitel loans

Equitel loans are provided by Equity Bank to account holders with the lender and are accessed over feature or smart mobile phone.

How To Get Equitel Loans

First you need to have a more than six months active account with Equity Bank. You can then get an Equitel line and start accessing loans.

To apply, navigate to loans section of the Equitel SIMtool kit. Equity bank will give you a loan limit. The minimum you can get is kes100 but the maximum loan limit is dependent on your Equity Bank creditworthiness.

You can apply for loan even twice provide the sum amount doesn't exceed the loan limit awarded.

With Equitel, what you apply for is what you get for example if your loan limit is kes2000 you'll get the kes2000.

How to Pay Equitel loans 

There are two ways to pay your Equitel loan when due or even before it's due;

  1. Through Equitel line - just navigate to the Pay loan section and pay in full or partial. 
  2. Automatic Deduction- If you have money in your Equity Bank account, automatic deduction will take place to settle the loan in full.You can also pay for someone else by simply topping up his/her Equity ban account. 

How to Contact Equitel Customer Care

You can call the number; 

0763 000100

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