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9 Popular Loan Apps This Month - They Give Loans Easily

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We all know how January or rather Njanuary is tough financially after spending and overspending during the past December festive season.

We most probably all are looking for some financial backup from lenders to support paying our bills and or paying school fees.

I got you! In this post I will expose the fast mobile loan lenders your fellow Kenyans have been using this January and you didn't know!

Here are the lenders who are popular this month. Reason? Most borrowers are getting approved and its happening fast.

Popular loan apps this month in Kenya

Tala and Branch

These are the oldest or simply the pioneers of the loan apps game.They just have enough money to give .

Try Tala App Now

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Zenka ,Okash , Zash and iPesa

These apps are actively promoting their services meaning they have the money to offer.

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KCB app and Equity Eazzy Banking app

These are the most stable lenders in kenya. Money is not a problem to them.

Try KCB App

Try Eazzy Banking App


Their unique approach is making aspira popular. They'll give you the goods you want then pay later in instalments.
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