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9 Non-deposit MFI To Approach

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Non deposit taking microfinance institutions

If you're looking for quick reasonable amount of cash as loan in kenya,I would like to direct you to these non-deposit taking microfinance institutions that are so established that they won't disappoint you.

These lenders can give up to millions of shillings within hours as loan.They also have extensive branch networks all over the nation.

Finally the list is here to easy your loan hunting game;

Top Non Deposit Taking Lenders 

  1. Platinum Credit 
  2. Mwananchi Credit 
  3. Premier Credit 
  4. Progressive Credit 
  5. Ngao Credit 
  6. Momentum Credit 
  7. MyCredit
  8. Edenbridge Capital 
  9. Metropol Capital 
Check these and more microfinance institutions here on our Lenders Page

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