6 Lenders Expected To Take Your Kids Back to School

It's time for pupils to go back to school and these lenders are here to help parents and guardians do exactly that with a money backup.

For all those who have been asking for where to get school fees loan, this post is for you.

These non-deposit taking lenders are passionate about helping you the parent with the necessary money in form of a loan to take your kids back to school.

Where To Get School Fees Loan This January 

1. Ngao Credit 

You got school fees to sort,shopping to do for the kids and bills to pay.  We can take a bit of that pressure off you.
Ngao Credit Limited  Kenya

2. Jijenge Credit Limited 

Let us help you make sure your child's fees is sorted with the help of a school fees loan, making learning easy.
Jijenge Credit limited  Kenya

3. Mwananchi Credit 

We value education.. That's why we shall dutifully support you to educate your young one.

Mwananchi Credit Limited  Kenya

4. Premier Credit 

We understand your spending commitments during the back to  school period. That's what we are here for you.
Premier Credit Kenya

5. Platinum Credit 

Schools are opening this week.We support all Civil Servants with finances to afford fees ,uniforms, books and other supplies. Apply for yours today...

Platinum Credit Limited  Kenya

6. Progressive Credit 

It is back to school time! Let us make it easy for you to pay school fees and other needs. Talk to us about our quick and flexible loans.
Progressive Credit Limited Kenya


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