3 Loan Apps You'll Miss

Find the latest loan apps leaving the lending market in kenya

It's been years now since we started using apps to get quick mobile loans through mpesa in Kenya and we're... let's say happy about it.

The number of loan apps is extremely high. As of now, we have over a hundred (100) loan apps which are considered active.

Among the list, there are some you'll miss! Allow me to say that they are not found! Maybe out of business or planning a major rebrand and a surprise comeback!

The loan apps we loved.

Saida loan app Kenya

Saida loan app

This is the app that was giving loans of up to kes20000 as the maximum loan amount within minutes through mpesa. Other features with this app included paying bills for example kplc electricity bills.
mKey loan app Kenya

mKey loan app & keyboard 

mKey was both a loan app and a keyboard. This app would give up to kes 50000 at once
Haraka loan app Kenya

Haraka loan app

A Getbucks family app, haraka as the name suggests, would give up to kes 5000 instantly via mpesa.


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