4 Banks That have Mobile Loan Apps

Absa Bank Kenya MD Jeremy Awori
Absa Bank Kenya MD, Jeremy Awori 

It all started with Tala ( started as Mkopo Rahisi) then Branch International came in. Thereafter , since ,there have been a season of loan app proliferation.

Kenyan commercial banks were reluctant to jump in until when customers were almost totally shying away from approaching them for small unsecured loans.

At this time M-Shwari and KCBM-PESA were already operational but were not popular with the only reason being that you were to save money with them first before you could get a loan.

The unsecured mobile loans provided through mobile apps were trust based.This made Mshwari and KCBMPesa become trust based too.

3 Banks with Loan Apps 

Loan apps by banks

The loan apps game became so popular with most kenyans that some banks came up with their own backed apps.

Because these apps were backed by strong lenders ,they started on a high note by giving large amounts with big maximum loan limits. Check the list below;

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC)

Prominent mortgage solutions provider in kenya HFC came up with the HF Whizz App.
Check HF Whizz Loan app now

Absa Bank Kenya 

This lender came up with Timiza app
Check TImiza Loan App now

Family Bank of Kenya

Family bank decided to change their terms and started giving trust based loans through PesaPap.
Check PesaPap Loan App now

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
KCB is the latest to produce a loan app. Their loan app is called Vooma.
Check Vooma Loan App now

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