6 Most Used Loan Apps You Should Try

Tala, Branch

We have been using apps in Kenya to acquire quick access to mobile loans through mpesa for years now and the game is still on as more and more loan apps come on board each year.

But have you thought which is the most downloaded app or rather which is the app most of your family and friends use?

I checked them on play  store before 2019 ended and here are the most used apps according to the number of downloads. The list comprises of only loan apps that surpassed a million downloads.


Branch International app
Branch International app had over 10million downloads before the end of 2019. The app gives up to kes70k another maximum loan amount. Download Branch loan app 


Tala app

 Tala app had over 5million downloads by the end of 2019. Rha app gives up to kes 30k as the maximum loan amount.
 Download Tala App.


Timiza loan app
This is the app by Barclays Bank of Kenya. Timiza had over 1million downloads before 2019 ended. The app gives up to kes150k .Download Timiza App


Zenka loan app Kenya
Zenka had over 1million downloads as of end 2019. The lender gives up to kes 50k.  Download Zenka Loan App


Opesa loan app Kenya
Opesa had over 1 million downloads by end of 2019. 


Okash loan app

 Okash gives up to kes 50k. The app had over 1 million downloads before 2019 ended. Download Okash app

I also checked the apps linked to commercial banks that had a million downloads or above. Here are the 2 most downloaded banking apps

Eazzy Banking App had over a million downloads before 2019 ended.
Eazzy banking app

 KCB App also had over a million downloads before the end of 2019.
KCB app




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