Stawi Loans Launch At Inaugural Inua Biashara Day

Stawi loan launches app
Stawi loans, credit facility to SMEs

Stawi, the loan app supported by the kenyan government was officially launched by His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta during the inauguration of the Inua Biashara Day on Wednesday.

Read ; more about and how to join stawi loan app .

Inua Biashara Day is a special occasion that will be happening after the Wednesday launch yearly to help support the SME business community with appropriate financial backup and education.

Several commercial banks were present during the launch to showcase their special designed financial products meant to promote SME growth.

Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at Inaugural Inua Biashara Day
President Uhuru Kenyatta at Inua Biashara Day
Barclays bank kenya
Barclays Bank Stand At Inua Biashara Day
National Bank Stand at the Inua Biashara Day 
DIB bank Stand at Inua Biashara Day 
Family Bank Stand at Inua Biashara Day


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