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4 Banks Accepting Household Items As Security For Loans

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KBA shared value report 2019
Not all commercial banks in Kenya will consider household goods or furniture as  collateral when asking for a loan.

According to the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) shared value report 2019, there are 4 lenders that proved to be accepting household items with easy in the past.

Now if they did accept these items then as collateral, it gives Kenyans confidence even today to approach these lenders and see if they can help with a financial backup against household goods.

Lenders To Borrow From With Household Goods As Security 

The items here can include but not limited to ;  TV sets, beds,fridges, seats  and tables.

Here are the banks that you can approach;

  • Equity Bank
  • KCB
  • KWFT
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya 


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