3 Apps Giving Bigger Loans In Kenya

Branch International

If you're looking for apps that will give real big unsecured loans within minutes to your mpesa account, then today I have a list for you.

For the purpose of this article, let big money be above Ksh 50,000 . The apps that give these amounts include;

Loan Apps Giving above sh. 50,000 

Here is a list of loan apps giving over ksh 50,000 as loan;

Branch International 

This lender gives up to sh. 70,000


Barclays Timiza gives up to sh. 150,000


Not an app as such but gives up to sh. 1million

Many claimed to be giving loans up to a maximum of kes50000 but later dropped to around sh. 30,000. These apps include; Tala ,Stawika and Whizz.


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