Time To Win Money With Branch App

Why is it now extremely beneficial joining branch through a referral? Am sure you've heard about the branch promotion code. Now that's  important. 

Good news! Branch has just launched a win -win situation for both the person inviting a friend to join branch and the friend being invited to join branch.

The thing is you need to join branch through an invitation to get this benefit. The mobile lender  will give the referrer (the person who invited the other) kes500 and kes200 to the person being invited to join branch.

Branch app referral benefit

This is what happens; when the person invited takes their first loan and pays all the benefits come in to both the person whodud the inviting and the person invited. 

I want to invite you to branch.Don't get confused! Its simple. I will invite you to join branch today so that we all get the benefit. 

I already have a good story on how to join branch through me.


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