7 Tricks To Increase Borrowing Power

Every person or business would always  want to be easily approved to take loans and even bigger funds than ever from lenders. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

However, there are ways to take you or your business  there.

According to Ndwiga Kamwangi, who is the Head of Retail and Business Banking Credit at the Cooperative Bank of Kenya, these are the ways to increase your borrowing power ,especially as a Business;

How To Increase Borrowing Power As A Business 

  • Pay Loans When Due
  • Pay Creditors When due
  • Pay Taxes When Due
  • Collect Your Debts Timely 
  • Bank Promptly As You're Paid 
  • Choose Your Bank/Lender 
  • Value Your Business 
Here is a video of how to increase your borrowing power by Mr Kamwangi. 


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