Second hand motorbike loans - top used boda boda loans in Kenya

Motorbike Lenders
Second hand motorbike loans is one of the most sought after loan facility currently due to high demand of the motorcycle services in the country.

Being a boda rider is self-employment. It is in fact a solid source of income to many of the unemployed youth in Kenya.

In this regard, many youths are looking for loans to acquire not brand new but used motorbikes. This is because the later is cheaper.

The motorbike transport is here and most probably to stay. Boda transport is fast,affordable, accessible and can penetrate through narrow and remote environs. 

Second hand used motorbike loans

Whether you want to venture into the boda boda business or you need a private motorbike,there are three 3 sources of second hand motorbike loans in the country currently. Check the below; 

1. Watu Credit Africa

This is the most spread motorbike lender with branches all over the nation.
Check watu credit here for more . 

2. Mogo Boda loans 

Another most popular motorbike and car loans provider in Kenya. See how to apply for Mogo second motorbike loans

 3. BLS 

Bike Lending Services (BLS) is based in the Nairobi City.
You can check BLS here for more 

There are other lenders who also provide motorbike financing but they do that through partnerships with motorbike dealers. 

Some of the lenders you can choose to approach for used motorbike loans in Kenya apart for commercial banks include; 
  • Mwananchi Credit
  • Jijenge Credit
  • Ngao Credit 
  • Progressive Credit
  • Premier Credit
  • Platinum Credit



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