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Letshego ; Loans, Contacts; Location

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Letshego is a microfinance institution that focuses on providing financial services to the rural underserved communities in Africa.

Letshego Loans

The lender gives out loans to individuals and businesses in order to uplift lifestyles within the target communities.

Loan amounts given out ranges between USD500 to USD60000 . In Kenya, the microloans are disbursed as mobile money due to established use of mobile technology such as paybill numbers.

Letshego also provides other services including accepting money deposits as savings and helping in making payments.

How to Get Started With Letshego 

To start using Letshego financial services, kindly visit the nearest branch in your country.

Letshego Presence 

The microfinance has presence in 11 African countries including; Botswana,Kenya,Ghana,Lesotho, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique Rwanda, Uganda, eSwatin (Swaziland )


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  1. Am just disappointed that no body is ready give me a statement in Busia branch,no body is every ready to speak to the clients,this is very disappointing