New Generation Currency Notes Launched By CBK

New generation Kenyan currency bank notes

Central Bank of Kenya governor Dr Patrick Njoroge launched on Madaraka Day ,the new generation bank notes in respect to the 2010 constitution.

The notes are in denominations of kes50 named buffalo (nyati),kes100 named leopard (chui),kes200 named rhino (kifaru),kes500 named Lion (simba) and kes1000 named elephant (ndovu).

The front of all the new bank notes bears the image of the iconic building in Nairobi, Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) and a dove, the symbol for a peaceful Kenya.

The back shows images of green energy, agriculture, social services ,tourism and governance.

The new notes are also friendly to visual impaired individuals.

The new bank notes will circulate together with old bank notes.

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