HF Whizz First Loan App For iOS Users

HF Whizz

HF Whizz Loan App Kenya for iOS
@HFgroupKE Whizz App 

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) becomes first to allow iOS device users to experience the world of loan apps after crafting both Android and iOS versions of Whizz App launched recently.

I understand there are iOS versions for most banking apps like Eazzy app, Sc Mobile, Mfukoni app, KCBMobile,PesaPap,NatMobile  ,BOA mobile just to mention a few.However ,what you should notice though is that with all banking apps, you MUST be a customer to the bank with an active account which will be linked to the app for you to enjoy the services.

For the majority of popular apps like Branch,Tala, Timiza, Saida,Haraka which are available for use to anyone with a smartphone are crafted for Android device users only.
Whizz is different by being also available to iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

Download Whizz App from App Store

I understand, the population of iOS users is somehow low in Kenya but HF atleast gave a chance to the guys to also taste how it feels to get a loan instantly ,anywhere ,anytime  by just opening an app from their smartphones.


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