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Stawika Loan App - How to Download and Apply for Loans, Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

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Stawika Loan App by Stawika Capital Limited gives fast mobile loans to Smartphone users in Kenya within minutes.

I tried Stawika but unfortunately I was not approved for a loan.I checked around and found comments from fellow Kenyans saying that the app truely gives our loans.

What I liked is that the registration process is simple and free.No fees are needed here.The app is also fast and smooth.

How to use Stawika app

You need to have an Android smartphone.

  • Go to play store and download Stawika Loan App
  • Fill in the required personal details 
  • Verify your phone number 
  • Now you have an active Stawika Account 

How to apply for a loan from Stawika

  • Open the app
  • Enter your Stawika PIN
  • Check your loan limit 
  • Apply
Loan will be sent to your Mpesa number verified by Stawika

How to repay Stawika Loan

  • Go to Mpesa menu
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Enter business no ( Enter Stawika Paybill number 830685)
  • Amount (enter the loan amount due)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN
  • Submit 

How to Contact Stawika Help Center 

  • Call;0790523410 or 0789814134
  • Email;

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  1. Good morning, i have cleared my loan of 4902 and received a message to apply again nut on trying i see you need me to pay 1500 and yet i talked to one of you that i was admitted in hospital and would pay today, this is so annoying now all your numbers that i know are not going through, i neef an explanation cos i pay on time.

  2. same case to me. on changing to a new phone my app doesnt work anymore. more than a month not resolved.

  3. Enter your comment...difficult registering it say my number has exceeded the minimum times if registration