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Saida Loan App - How To Download and Apply for Loans, Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

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Saida Loan App in Kenya

Saida Loan App is another among the longest list of mobile loan microfinanciers in kenya joining Tala,Branch Haraka, Shika and the rest.

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The lender gives loans instantly into your Mpesa through an app running on android smartphones found in Google's play store .

How to get started with Saida

One needs to have an Android smartphone;

  • Go to play store and download Saida Loan App
  • Fill in the details required 
  • Verify your phone number and email address
You now have an active Saida Account.

How to apply for a loan

  • Log in the app
  • Check your loan limit displayed
  • Choose your repayment duration 
  • Accept terms
Your loan will be sent to your Mpesa number verified by Saida as you were creating your account.Lower limit is varied per customer but the maximum you can borrow is ksh25000.

If you didn't get approved,you can ask for a friend already using Saida to guarantee you.You can still upload more data for verification through the 'import' button.

How to repay Saida Loan

When it's time to repay,follow the steps below,

  1. Go to Mpesa
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Select Pay bill
  4. Enter 854400 (this is Saida Paybill number registered as Suave Business Solutions)
  5. Select Account number
  6. Enter your phone number as the account number.
  7. Enter Amount (here enter the loan amount due)
  8. Press OK
Always repay on time to increase your loan limit and avoid negatively being listed with the CRB 

How to Contact Saida Loan App help center

  • Use the in app help corner
  • Email to; hello@getsaida.com


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