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Okash Loan App - How to Download and Apply for Loans, Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

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Okash Loan App in Kenya

Okash Loan App owned by Onespot Technology Investment Limited also under Opera Group's subsidiary Opay is a fast lender giving out small mobile loans to Smartphone users in Kenya.

Okash can offer up to a maximum of ksh 50,000 within minutes to qualified borrowers at an interest rate of 5% .Currently the maximum repayment duration for loans is 14 days .

Getting Started with Okash Loan App 

You need an android smartphone

  • Go to play store and download Okash Loan App and use promo code ACFJBY 
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Verify your phone number 
  • Your account is now active 

How to apply for a loan from Okash

  • Login to Okash
  • Find your loan limit displayed 
  • Choose your desired amount to borrow- should be less than your  loan limit
  • Choose the repayment duration- maximum 14 days 
  • Apply 

How to repay Okash Loan 

  • Just within the app select "Make a Repayment" button and you'll be taken directly to Mpesa menu. 
  • Fill in the required details 
  • And pay
Or use Okash Paybill number 612224. Account number is your phone number. 

How to Contact Okash help team

  • Email ; 
  • Call 020-7659988
  • WhatsApp 0758 705699

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