Banking Awards 2018 Kenya Categories

Think Business Banking Awards 2018

Think Business will be holding Banking Awards 2018 on Friday 11th May to recognise and award best banks in Kenya .

This year ,Think Business will be looking at how banks and Microfinance Institutions  have embrace corporate governance best practices ,product and system innovation ,education and sustainable social projects.

Banking Awards 2018 Categories 

Here are the Think Business Banking Awards categories this year for Banks, Microfinance Banks and Individuals in Banking;

  1. Best Overall Bank in Kenya 
  2. The best bank in Tier I
  3. The best bank in Tier II
  4. The best bank in Tier III
  5. The best bank in Tier IV
  6. The bank with the lowest charges for SMEs & Individuals 
  7. The most customer-centric bank 
  8. The best bank in mobile banking 
  9. Best bank in internet banking 
  10. Best bank in agency banking 
  11. Best bank in product innovation 
  12. Best bank in product marketing 
  13. Best bank in SMEs banking 
  14. Best bank in mortgage finance 
  15. Best bank in Islamic banking 
  16. Best bank in Asset finance 
  17. Best bank in Agriculture & Livestock financing 
  18. Best bank in Trade financing
  19. Best bank in Retail banking 
  20. Best bank in Corporate Banking 
  21. Best Commercial Bank in Microfinance 
  22. Most efficient bank
  23. Best Recovery Award
  24. Best bank in sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility 
  25. Best bank in Digital banking 
  26. Overall Best Microfinance Bank in Kenya 
  27. Best Microfinance Bank in Product Innovation 
  28. Best Microfinance Bank in Agriculture &Livestock financing 
  29. Fastest growing Microfinance Bank 
  30. Outstanding Young Banker of the year 
  31. Corporate banker of the year
  32. Chief Executive Officer of the year
  33. Lifetime achievement award in banking 
  34. Special judges award for product innovation 


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