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Branch To Increase Loan Limit For Employed

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Branch loan app giver

Branch International Ltd (@branch_co) ,the microfinancier has now started to ask for additional information from its clients who are salaried in a move to increase their lower loan limit to a high of Kes15000.

Currently the programme is under test and its for 'invites only' before being rolled out to all soon.Invitees are asked to provide information about their employment.Check my invitation email below;

Would you like to upgrade your current loan limit to KSh15,000?

Hello Mwabaya. We are trialling a new programme exclusively available to salaried employees and you have been selected to join!

If you are formally employed, you may qualify to upgrade your Branch loan limit to KSh15,000 straight away. All you have to do is click on the link or green button below and send us your most recent payslip.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to this e-mail or write in on the Branch app

More about the upgrade.

  • The upgrade is for branch clients who are employed and have payslips.
  • Clients who will be upgraded will still have room to take lower loan amounts below kes15000 at will.
  • Loan terms like interest rate and repayment periods remain the same.
  • Upgraded clients will still use the branch loan app to access loans.

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