Political Risks Cover before Elections

Political risks home insurance

Elections are around the corner.Come August 8,Kenya will decide.Election results are not always fair to everyone causing chaos and extensive damages something many dislike.

Though not very popular with few insurance companies offering it,the Political Risks cover comes handy when the chaos happen.

Political Risks Cover.

Most of the damages happen to homes hence its policy is always associated with home insurance. For Political Risk cover,the following can be included;

  1. Buildings or homes
  2. Home contents
Homes and buildings are insured by the owners while home contents can be insured by tenants within rented rooms.

Political Risk Premiums

Political risk costs as low as ksh400.The cost however increases as the value of the buildings or home contents insured increases.
Note; Most insurers will call it Home Insurance Cover.Adjustments on the premiums will be made on agreement with the insurer.Please ask for this personalised arrangement from any of the below insurers.

Political Risk Insurers Kenya.

I already said most insurers don't give political risk covers.The following however are the insurance companies that can offer you political risk covers;
  • African Trade Insurance (ATI)
  • UAP
  • APA
  • Heritage Insurance 
  • AON
  • GA Insurance
Its not bad to protect your home and contents before the election time.

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